Creative Writing

Content marketing goes beyond just putting a certain number of words on a page. It requires different and often creative persuasive tactics. Even when I have written thousands of words in a days' work, I strove to keep creativity high in attempts to better touch the reader. Some have even been internally rewarded:

HSN Marketing Masterpiece of the Month—January 2014
Jessica Seinfeld The Can't Cook Book with Signed Bookplate
The won't-cook, hate-to-cook and publicly-humiliated-last-time-I-cooked have a fresh start thanks to Jessica Seinfeld. Her helpful, clear and low-stress approach is designed to take the fear and apprehension out of preparing praise-worthy dishes. This beginner cookbook goes beyond other "beginner" cookbooks in its information and instructions, making it perfect for those who have mistakenly labeled themselves the can't-cooks.

Marketing Masterpiece October 2012
HSN Marketing Masterpiece of the Month—October 2012
HSN Cares Coca-Cola Heart Ornament
The image of Saint Nicholas, now so well known, was previously a myriad forms that history had sown. From the stories of a white-bearded Woden, who rode through the skies, to a cherry-nosed elf who would withhold gifts if you lied, the image of a jolly old man was slowly being defined until a 1931 Coca-Cola advertisement brought us the form we all now assign. Celebrate the season with this fantastic Coca-Cola ornament, adorned with Swarovski Elements, lightly dusted with glitter and hand-painted with merriment. This elegant decoration will brighten up your room while contributions to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital will help a life bloom.

creative fabric writing
Sunbrella Forest Green 4637-0000 Awning Fabric
Quit rifling through the foliage when the perfect touch of forestry is right here with the Sunbrella Forest Green 4637-0000. There’s no need to trim the trees to retain its outdoor beauty; it simply needs a light scrubbing to keep it clean and beautiful, and this 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabric will offer UV protection consistent with the thickest jungle canopies.

creative fabric writing
Sunbrella Dupione Celeste 8067-0000 Indoor/Outdoor Fabric
Céleste is French for “heavenly,” which should give you some insight into the pleasing nature of the Sunbrella Dupione Celeste 8067-0000. A light blue–green color, this textured fabric is not only soft but also durable and is UV-, mildew-, and stain-resistant. With it, you’ll surely feel like you’re on cloud nine.

Marketing Masterpiece August 2012
HSN Marketing Masterpiece of the Month—August 2012
Improvements 5' Life-size Halloween Skeleton
With goose bumps and bone chills, trick-or-treaters—victims of your Halloween antics—will begrudgingly approach your house as their wide eyes fix on this 5-foot skeleton. Modeled after a real human skeleton from the sutures on his skull to the phalanges of his feet, this plastic-molded fellow will leave your anxious guests wondering whether to run or venture closer. With jointed limbs for easy posing, this skeleton is perfect for greeting guests at the front door, lying lazily in your yard's faux graveyard or swaying spookily from the ceiling.

april 2014 award ben greene
HSN Marketing Masterpiece of the Month—April 2014
Coolhaus Hand-Signed Ice Cream Cookbook
Shoot for new heights, literally, with your next ice cream incarnation. From the "food architects" of Coolhaus comes a cookbook that will have you testing the structural integrity of hulking triple-decker sandwiches, discovering the joys of candied bacon and wondering why bourbon pecan pie isn't a flavor offered in your freezer aisle. Featuring everything from a s'more cookie base to a fried-chicken caramel topping, your next dessert will surely be far from vanilla.

HSN Marketing Masterpiece of the Month—April 2013
Bella 1000-Watt, High-Powered Juicer
"You can't leave until you finish your vegetables." Meeting the daily servings of fruits and vegetables doesn't need to lead to a stalemate at the dinner table. Juice apples, carrots, celery, nearly whatever at home for a delicious alternative to the frowns, the tantrums and the full-blown filibusters. 

HSN Marketing Masterpiece of the Month—November 2012
Chef's Choice WafflePro Classic Belgian Waffle Maker
Put waffles back on the menu. Who can resist that crunchy browned exterior crust and warm, soft, airy pancake center? In just minutes, deep-pocketed, Belgium-style waffles will be ready for you to smear with butter, soak in syrup, top with real fruit and lightly dust with powdered sugar, providing you delicious reasons to create breakfast feasts on weekends and put waffles into the dinner rotation on weekdays. Go on and go nuts; your family will thank you.

HSN Marketing Masterpiece for July 2012
HSN Marketing Masterpiece of the Month—July 2012
Tony Little Body By Bison Back-to-School Combo 
Feed your family's brains before they feed their minds. Brain cells require two times the amount of energy than any other cell in the body, making a healthy breakfast and lunch an essential part of a productive day. These breakfast strips and pastrami slices comprise lean bison meat and supply the energy the body needs, providing a great start to a new day and a rejuvenating treat midday.