Original Reporting

Original content provides more to the readers and gives you value in Google. When writing for any publication, I try to do more than just rehash what can already be found on the web; I try to bring insightful new content to the audience. Offering both benefits to readers and to ranking, original content could be seen as a win–win; however, original content and investigative reporting can also tax resources including the most valuable resource: time. As most businesses evaluate performance on output, I have found you normally have to balance the two approaches to content creation. You can't always argue with the results of re-iterating a trending topic, but notice the references (i.e., links) these original pieces get when marketed correctly to the automotive industry and its audience.

Mercedes Quietly Discontinues V-12 SL Model in Prep for 2013

Ferrari FF Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus Ferrari FF Sells Out in 50 Minutes

2012 Lotus Exige to come to U.S. as track car for $85–$90K

2012 Lotus Exige To Come to U.S. As Track Car for $85K–$90K

2012 Lamborghini Pricing

Lamborghini Pricing for 2012

Chevrolet Caprice PPV

GM Admits to Delays in Delivering Caprice to Police

Lotus Ethos

Lotus To Bring Ethos to U.S. Market for $45K

Dodge Yellow Jacket

Where Did the New Dodge Challenger Yellow Jacket Get Its Name?

veneno the almighty bull

Was the Veneno the almighty bull Lamborghini has made it out to be?

No Drinking While Driving in the 2011 Dodge Charger

Sterling Moss for sale

Rare Mercedes-Benz Sterling Moss for Sale in U.S.


Arrinera Releases New Pics, Specs as well as Details of Merger with Noble's Fenix