Arrinera releases new pics, specs and details of merger with Noble's Fenix

Story by Benjamin Greene

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Arrinera Automotive has released new pictures, some initial specifications, and more production information on its first supercar, which will be called the Arrinera.

With its initial computer-generated images, some speculated that the Poland-based company’s first supercar was nothing more than a designer’s dream. That idea was turned on its head when pictures and a video of the car on public roads surfaced and a big name in the automotive arena was dropped. Lee Noble has an extensive resume. His work on the Ultima MkI sparked the interest of McLaren, which then used two Ultima chassis in the development of the F1. Lee Noble went on to create Noble Automotive, which produced the M12 sports car. In 2006, he sold the company and started Fenix Automotive.

The Arrinera is the latest project to incorporate his name. Although he reportedly owns a modest five-percent stake, he is responsible for the supercar’s design and technical aspects. Fenix and Arrinera plan to unite once Arrinera purchases a 50 percent stake in Fenix in the third quarter of 2011. With the upcoming Arrinera and Fenix sports cars under its belt, Arrinera intends to build a small group of supercar companies to form a strong position in the low-volume exotic-car segment.

2013 Arrinera