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About Me

My name is Benjamin Greene, and welcome to Content's Key. I consider myself to be a strong digital marketer with a fervor for grammar and writing. My seven years’ experience in search-engine optimization (S.E.O.) and 10 years in publishing have helped me cultivate expertise in content marketing, where I bring two rather divergent skill sets together: a technical, data-driven mindset and a flair for creativity and storytelling. Together, they have helped me succeed at the many facets of digital marketing.

My Work Experience and Schooling

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg in 2007, I began my career at duPont Publishing. I started as a writer but was given the freedom and platform to explore search-engine optimization to the benefit of its web sites. For four and a half years, I worked as its S.E.O. and online editor, experimenting with content marketing through a news area and weblog and helping its web site grow immensely in visitors and readership. I captured great links through great content and got ahead of the 2012 Panda update by directing Google's attention away from thin landing pages to relevant search results' pages. I was also the editor in chief of its annual Exotic Car Buyers Guide, managing every nuance of that magazine’s production for three years.

It was at the end of that four and a half years that I set off on some new ventures. My proclivity for the pen spurred a desire to get a better handle on the nuances of the language. I went back to school, focused my studies on linguistics, and got a second baccalaureate, in English. I worked at HSN for a bit and formed a freelance relationship with a variety of different outlets. During this time, I focused on getting in the head of buyer and matching the voice and tone of the organization while still experimenting with some different writing styles. The results were notable as I won some internal creative-writing accolades. I also started a grammar e-mail to impart some of what I had learned in college to fellow writers. 

In 2015, I joined eCentral Stores as an S.E.O. specialist. There, I oversaw the search-engine marketing efforts of a small group of web stores. Opportunity then led me to Nicopure Labs llc., where my role as a S.E.O. specialist had me digging into the more technical aspects of optimization and the diverse universe of digital marketing. 

I now work at Cryo-Cell International with a small marketing team to drive new customers through search-engine optimization, e-mail marketing, affiliate relationships, print materials, social media, pay-per-click ads, and other means. I build HTML e-mails to work across clients and have been re-coding and optimizing Web pages using a mobile-friendly, Bootstrap framework. I also prepare content for blogs, newsletters, flyers, and other digital and print materials.

To learn more, I have included my résumé as an attachment below and along the side bar you will find links to some of my works.

Content's Key

I started this site as a way of preserving and showcasing my accomplishments. The title of my web site plays on a neat little anomaly in the language that arises from the many functions of the apostrophe. It could be that content is key, or, possibly, that Benjamin Greene is the key of content. Does that apostrophe and s show a contraction or an example of the genitive case? In the end, I find both fitting.

Benjamin Greene,
Jan 23, 2018, 8:47 AM